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REALM – Solutions for the Future
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With over 35 years of experience in the Research, Engineering, Aerospace, Logistics and Management domains, REALM Solutions is a specialist independent professional consultancy practice in Australia.

REALM provides ‘Solutions for the Future’ of your improved business, operations, projects and equipment through the application of real world practical experience, engagement of senior and eminent professionals, and employing both contemporary and conventional tools and techniques.


RESEARCH: we offer our clients a wealth of contemporary and practical business experience in Strategic Planning, Market and Competitor Analysis, Business and Product Development, Business Process Re-engineering and Process Review, Transformation and Cultural Change that can be applied to offer real solutions that will transform and grow your business.


ENGINEERING:  we have a unique level of experience and practical applied knowledge in Defence and Commercial industry in the development and application of science & new technology through formal engineering processes and technical support systems to achieve high integrity and low risk product definition, development, design, test and support in large high value, advanced multi-dimensional project and operational activities.


AEROSPACE: we have a career long cache of experience in defining the design, operation, upgrade, acquisition, support, test and acceptance, introduction into service, and life cycle cost outcomes of many military and civil aircraft fleets, airborne and satellite systems, platforms and configurations including requirements determination and management, airworthiness & certification management, design and modification management, airfield lighting and compatibility, noise and community compatibility, and in specialist aircraft infrastructure, buildings and architecture.


LOGISTICS: we have a strong team of eminent specialists in Logistics Support definition, analysis, determination, implementation, and life cycle support management. This depth of theoretical and practical experience can be applied to your day-to-day supportability, compatibility, reliability, maintainability and overall equipment availability challenges to refine the value and success of your multi-million dollar capital investments – in business, technology and national security.


MANAGEMENT: we offer a range of management expertise to underpin the Future Solutions offered to our clients across the spectrum of technology domains, business sectors and related industries.  This expertise comes as part of our normal consultancy engagements and through specific client workshop facilitation, online or interactive training, and on-site client / consultant participation.

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